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State Representative Gary VanDeaver was elected in 2014 to represent Texas House District 1. District 1 includes all of Bowie, Franklin, Lamar, and Red River Counties. Gary is a member of the Public Education Committee and the Appropriations Committee, which is charged with the important responsibility of writing the state budget. Prior to his election to the Texas House, Gary was a 33-year rural educator, serving most recently as Superintendent of New Boston Independent School District, in Bowie County.

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Exciting news for Texas Retired Teachers! This morning as the House Committee on Appropriations was wrapping up, Chairman Otto announced that it was the intent of the Texas House to fully fund TRS Care. This is very exciting news for retired teachers throughout Texas. The discussion now moves to how the solution will be structured. I am grateful to Chairman Otto and my colleagues in the House for their commitment to addressing this crucial issue and look forward to being a part of the ongoing discussion.

Livestream: Abbott's State of the State Address, by Alana Rocha and Justin Dehn

Speaking to a joint session of the 84th Texas Legislature, Gov. Greg Abbott will outline his vision for Texas in his first State of the State address. He is expected to focus on improving the state's education system, securing the border and investing in roads.

If you would like to listen to Gov. Abbott's State of the State Address, it will be livestreaming at the below link:

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