About Gary

State Representative Gary VanDeaver was elected in 2014 to represent Texas House District 1. District 1 includes all of Bowie, Franklin, Lamar, and Red River Counties. Gary is a member of the Public Education Committee and the Appropriations Committee, which is charged with the important responsibility of writing the state budget. Prior to his election to the Texas House, Gary was a 33-year rural educator, serving most recently as Superintendent of New Boston Independent School District, in Bowie County. Read more...

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House Bill 3 ESPECIALLY benefits the rural schools in our district by raising the amount of money allocated for each student from $5,140 to $6,030, giving districts the ability to earn and keep more money from local property taxes and updating the critical transportation funding model, which has historically been a burden on rural schools. This transformational legislation also gives school districts the funding and the discretion to provide school staff salary increases, which is particularly advantageous to rural school districts that have a harder time filling shortages and attracting teachers. SHARE this post if you support Texas students and teachers!