A conservative Budget

State Representative Gary VanDeaver was one of only three freshmen legislators selected to serve on the budget-writing Appropriations Committee. In this role, Gary helped write the most conservative budget in Texas history, which held state spending below a constitutional spending cap, reserved more than $3.8 billion for tax relief, and protected the Rainy Day Fund. The new budget also devotes $840 million more to border security, and gives additional resources to public schools and transportation.

Gary also helped to pass budget transparency legislation to end the practice of spending dedicated funds that are collected for a specific purpose but used to fund another purpose altogether. Eliminating this budgeting gimmick makes the state budgeting process more open, accessible, accurate, and easier to hold state spending in check.

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I'm naming the following members to a workgroup that will recommend ways the House can continue to combat sexual harassment in the Legislature: Reps. Koop & Howard (co-chairs), plus Reps. Button, Dale, Collier, Ortega, Herrero, Oliverson, VanDeaver, Wu. #txlege

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