Border security

Because the federal government has persistently failed in its responsibility to secure the border, the Texas Legislature developed a permanent border security plan for Texas. Gary VanDeaver was the proud co-author of House Bill 11, which provides for the nation’s strongest border security plan. This plan is placing 250 new state troopers along the border, establishing new intelligence operations, and increasing penalties for border crimes like trafficking and smuggling.

Gary also helped to pass House Bill 10 into law, which attacks the problem of human trafficking. This law makes it easier to prosecute those who force children into prostitution and helps to better identify victims of child trafficking.

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I'm naming the following members to a workgroup that will recommend ways the House can continue to combat sexual harassment in the Legislature: Reps. Koop & Howard (co-chairs), plus Reps. Button, Dale, Collier, Ortega, Herrero, Oliverson, VanDeaver, Wu. #txlege

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